pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Just Like Home

Laugh of the Day

So, I wake up at 5 a.m. after crashing sometime around one, on a couch in an Ames Nano’er’s basement, hearing cat hacking and vomiting sounds. Ah, just like home.

Two of them. I get up and flip on the lights, but can only find ONE pile. I wander up the stairs, find the kitchen, then the roller of paper towels, and being unable to bend my knees as per usual, give the spot a slap, dash, swish clean-me-up...

I try to flush the results of the tp clean-up I first attempted, but the toilet, just like home, has trouble sealing back up and continues to run. Unlike home, these enterprising folks have permanently stored the top elsewhere, knowing the cool dip that will follow every job to get the paperwork done.

Capitulation or common sense? Maybe that depends on the expected duration of the problem.
Tags: laugh of the day

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