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Yesterday, only 5000 words from finishing my NANO novel for the month, I received word that over 11,000 files were "lost" when J's mother switched from her land line to a cell phone. She does NOTHING on the internet, so when J. was in high school, he learned some html and built web pages. The ancestors from my horses migrated there, as well as foals born after I got in trouble for having photos that were too large. Between us, we filled HER 10k allotment, and moved onto a free site, filling it with over 1100 photos, which were then lost, too.

So, now I'm trying to move and save the text based stuff. Two days straight, and I find the weirdest errors. The ' must be coded with ' in some fonts to deploy correctly, so I bought good old Barebones and downloaded the free text editor they had available. And all but three hours, I redid and reposted.

It took me nearly a year to get all that stuff out there originally... Yet, the mess if I have to rewrite is daunting. Drat! I WANT to finish my NANO novel! *figuratively kicks chair in frustration, then hops about on one foot, screaming*
Tags: tragedies

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