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Vocabulary Wonders Via NANO

Be there or be quadrilateral.
    -- Minaarchangel, in the "RE: Quad-Cities" thread, Wed, November 5, 2008 8:55 a.m.

I howled when I read that line, even though it didn't rhyme any more! I immediately thought of some biting sarcasm my MC might be able to lay on some unsuspecting OC (other character), "Feeling a tad quadrilateral today?" after some social faux pas. Or maybe (more likely, even) the OC would lay it on my MC... [sound of plot bunnies creaking the old dearly departed hampster's wheel]

Since it was written as part of National Novel Writing Month, when we are repeatedly told to TURN OFF our internal editors, I corrected the spelling on quadrillateral to protect the unnamed, as people in that area and attending the write-in's would know who Minaarchangel is in real life. Would this mythic person be likely to be reading my journal?

Not if they stopped at my username, which is NOT the handle I use in this journal, but a sobriquet a friend suggested to be to see if they really had more fun... But, not impossible -- in the author profile, I give links to my "real" journal and web site, which could lead them here.
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