pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How Fairs the Nano?

Word Count Choices:

Word War:

Wish I knew if Fatebringer represents the highest word count. (That's the Nano'er used in the example.) Chris Bate is the founder of National Novel Writing Month, so I guess that's why he shows up when I post the code.


Looks like those daily/nightly write-ins really keep people motivated... Nice going, guys!


North Carolina:

Other Relative's Home Areas:

World Word War:

Before I adjusted the code to show the number of people participating from each area, and the AVERAGE of the total words written for those people (only using people who had posted a count...) Iowa looked pretty underperforming, but when taken as an average number of words written per person, we are well in the lead...

On election day, a crash course in manipulating numbers seems, somehow, appropriate!
Tags: word count
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