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Awakening (WWAS WC: 136)

Since she had not slept well, she does not want to wake up. She rolls over, tucking her head underneath the pillow. A bare arm pokes out.

Cold. My elbow is cold. No, my underarm slightly above my elbow is cold. No, it's wet. That's weird. How does one wet an elbow?

I didn't hear the alarm. I'm sure I didn't. Oh, daylight savings time. It won't go off until "8:30" internal clock time... So what rousted me?

Poke. Whine.

"Sweetie, what are you doing inside? Oh, I guess that is sort of a duh-buh moment..."

Legs swing over the edge of the bed, bumping into dog hair attached to a vaguely wagging tail.

"Obviously, you are begging to go out. Obviously, it is to my benefit to allow, nay, even encourage that!"
Tags: wwas

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