pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Picture Perfect

I saw a picture in my mind's eye I would have LOVED to be able to snap with my camera, but you can't photograph the Amish... It was a young boy standing in the darkened doorway of a barn that used to be a lumber mill, holding a dead chicken upside down in one hand with a cat pressed to his chest, held by his other arm. A tow head and just as cute and 1800's as you could ever want. He was too shy to walk barefooted across the gravel drive in view of an "Englishwoman" (me...)

A pair of Suffolk Punch were hitched to a contraption that might have been a manure spreader on the other side of the drive, a lot or two away. Nobody was anywhere around them... they just stood patiently, hip-slung, during the entire visit. The pansies grew in vibrant profusion all around the house. Alma said they just went wild, getting so thick that she (the housewife, not Alma) had to thin them back.

My hand just ached for my camera/video camera! I know how offensive that would have been, however.
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