pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Amish in Town

Saturday, an Amish woman beeped into my mom's phone call, requesting that I pick up her husband Gideon and son Johnny on the square in Centerville. She began to give me a detailed description, long distance, of what Johnny was wearing. I laughed and cut her off.

"I can't imagine a whole herd of Amish men running around the Centerville square before most of the stores are open on a Saturday morning."

She laughed.

I had intended to go to town around 11:30-12, hit the library, and eat at the Chinese restaurant just off the square. So, I went a bit before I'd intended. When I could not make connections with Johnny at the J & K Market, I slowly circled the square. Nobody, no Amish, not English... As soon as it got to be close to 10, I left the still-empty square and headed for the library, which opened at 10, too. Heading to the shelf where Coulter would be, I snagged the rest of her FBI series that was in, and was back on the square within 12 minutes.

Heading over to the printer's they were supposed to pick up fliers from, I found that Gideon HAD been there, 30 minutes earlier. I checked with the J&K Market -- no Amish. I pulled into the shade of a tree and sat so my mirrors showed the entrance of the J&K. Since the plan was for he and Johnny to distribute fliers at the businesses, I knew they'd have to be on the square after 10 to do that, but there was no sign of them.

By a quarter to 12, I was in the middle of chapter 4 of The Edge. I went around to the Chinese restaurant, had cashew chicken, but only ate half of it, as I was not extremely hungry. Checking in one last time at J&K, I gassed up at Caseys for $2.72.9 a gallon, topped the tank, got a jug of milk at Aldie's, and was home by 1:30 or so.

Gideon had left a message on my answering machine, saying they'd still pay for the wasted trip into Centerville, giving directions to his house to pick up Alma so she and Johnny could distribute the rest of the fliers. Deciding that since the message was nearly three hours old, it was too late for that to still be valid, I carried in stuff and was putting it away when the phone rang. It was Alma.

I got to her by 2 something, and off we went, delivering a basket of pears at one Amish house, stopping here and there along the way while she chatted, organized, and delivered posters and fliers. I explained about my trip meter to her, showing her the A trip (set shortly after leaving home to get Gideon and Johnny) and the B trip meter, which I'd reset in Centerville at the gas station.

She hung posters and dropped off fliers everywhere, shopped in Walmart, Dollar General, and Fareway, and visited all over town. I read if both were gone at the same time. On the way home, we hit an Amish store looking for a new straw hat for Johnny. After dark, we drove down into Missouri to another Amish store. I dropped them off, and discovered that by the time I was home, I'd have 160 miles or so on the A trip meter, yet was never more than 25 miles from home. Incredible.

She told me some German words, but since I didn't write them down, I forgot how to say them. I have always needed to hear things repeated many times for them to really stick.
Tags: adventure

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