pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Arkansas Traveler, Revisited

The second version:

The Arkansas Traveler

Far and far away down in Arkansas,
There lived a squatter with a stubborn jaw;
His nose was ruby red and his whiskers gray,
And he would sit and fiddle all the night and all the day.

Came a traveler down the valley, asked if he could find a bed;
"Yes, try the road," the kindly squatter said;
"And could you point me out the way to find a tavern or an inn?"
"Quite a little piece, I reckon, though I've never been."

When the rain came down on the cabin floor,
The squatter only fiddled all the more;
"Why don't you mend your roof?" said the traveler bold;
"How can I mend my cabin when the rain is wet and cold?"

“Squatter, pick a sunny morning when the air is dry and nice;
"Patch up your cabin, that is my advice,"
But the squatter shook his hoary head and answered with a stubborn air,
"Cabin never leaks a drop when days are bright and fair."

(Author unknown to me)
Tags: lyrics

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