pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

DSL Is Here

I called early this morning and talked in circles to the office manager. I got the idea from her that I needed to talk to the manager, who was not in when I first called. I did, and he got the guys here and they stayed until it was working -- 3:30 when the service got too erratic to use, until nearly 8 pm when the guy using a PC laptop (Mac user at home) got it set up right. He put the cord in the wrong slot...) Once that correction was done, I was on. IF it had been right from the get-go, we'd have been done between 6-6:30.

So, I am upgrading. The one I'd been trying to run the last two days, 13.+ MB, finished in 10 minutes... the 136 MB one will be done in six minutes. The office gal said I might want to wait until they got here, as it would be faster. She wasn't kidding!
Tags: diary
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