pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Faux Pas de Jur

My latest line for a script, Propinquity and the Mesmerizer, goes in the mouth of the character I thought would be ideally played by Phyllis Diller, a genius at comic timing. The character, who is elderly, probably in her 80's, is socially inept, always saying/doing the wrong thing for all the best reasons, usually with results others can laugh at/about. She's been talking to a really nasty reporter, who slants even positive things negatively, and finally reaches the end of her rope, getting angry, a rare event for her.
      You aren't being friendly; you just
      want first crack at my faux pas de jur.

        (shamelessly evesdropping)
      A label that apt will surely stick.
      Bet you don't get credit for coining
      it, however, if that reporter runs true
      to form. Shame we have to have people
      like him around to drum up publicity
      for our projects.

Tags: script
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