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I always thought my first book would be Comes When She Whistles or My Horses Call Me Mommy, but instead, it turned out to be The Saga of Travels Far Woman: SummerCircles, followed by The Saga of Travels Far Woman: Mountain Lover, called simply Sequel for years, then The Saga of Travels Far Woman: In the Desert, the only one actually done, and finally The Saga of Travels Far Woman: Mountain Fastness -- Leanna's Story, which I THINK is the last in that series... I've learned to never say never when contemplating these things... My mind has an agenda of its own, it seems.

So, I'm editing away on SummerCircles, trying to get it ready to send out, and into my head comes the second script idea, Street Predators, which at first would have made about 30 minutes' worth of movie, but now seems bound and determined to develop the rest of the story, BEFORE I complete the SOTFW: SC.

Okay, I've reconciled myself to that... sort of.

But today, I get yet another title on the brain... Whine, Whinny, and Song: Tales of a Girl, her Horse, and her Dog. Enough is enough, now! Back off! I can't keep up!

I wrote seven pages long hand yesterday, and NONE of it was for SC. On top of that, I think an extension of In the Desert is trying to percolate up through the sands. That was a 50,000 word NANO novel, once I'd sort of gotten the feel for what length it really would run in 30 days. More like a novella, to me.

So maybe Whine is this year's NANO contender... I WANT to say that I'll do it only if SC is safely making the rounds, garnering its first rejection notices, but... I'm afraid to...
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