pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Personally Signed Book

By the way, I got my book signed by Mrs. Clinton. She is a nice lady. I made some jokes, and she did the same. I think she thought her little helpers were being a bit ridiculous with the way they were handling people.

I had to stand in line with some of Des Moines' most independent, lesbian mothers. That was a bit interesting. One lady's husband got thrown out of Borders for looking at cook books, too close to Hillary. The woman got pissed off and yelled at a secret service guy (he was a huge guy, kinda hot too!)

They took my coat, keys, and my name tag with the clippy thing on the back of it. I might have tried to strangle her with my coat, stab her with my keys, or puncture her face with my name tag. You know how dangerous we all can be!

It was a neat experience even though I waited in line for 3 hours and TJ waited in line 2 hours the day before to get me a ticket. Can't wait until Bill comes to town to sign his work.


Tags: jess

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