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Room To Let -- The Shower Incident (12/4/14; WC 468) Q

Room To Let -- Shower Incident

Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea.  It’s the person who gets out of
the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.
                                                                                                                                  ~ Nolan Bushnell

Violet, the proprietress of the boarding house, feels sorry for Despina after the upsets at the Never Rest with Paul Peter that the sheriff has related to her in excruciating detail.  Although the room was rented for a weekend night, she allows Despina and her friends to use the empty room at odd times.

Despina has enjoyed a good relationship with the older woman, every bit as much as showering, washing her clothes, and sleeping in a comfortable bed which always has fresh sheets waiting for her, even if it is the upper bunk, (the lower having been commandeered by Paul Peter, as financier of the deal for the princely sum of $15 a week, as compared to a piddling $8 at the Never Say Rest).

The day the sheriff switches his shift is NOT one she normally spends in town, but a scheduled wedding has her longing to get clean for it.  Paul Peter brings her, with Sarita and Alberto tagging along.

Despina has showered, and Paul Peter, who is naked, is drying off, when Cu, who's been keeping tabs on her, comes in, drawn by the screams of his son.  Sarita has showered with great aplomb, but Alberto, still startled by the flush of the toilet, is petrified of the “rain falling inside”.  Despina smoothes things over by suggesting that Cu, setting a good example for Alberto, also might want to shower.  He has no sooner snatched up Alberto and entered the shower stall for a cold shower, as nobody is waiting long enough for the water heater to rejuvenate between showers, when the sheriff, coming home early, enters.

Cu, noting the sheriff's artifacts still on display on the dresser in what Cu well knows to be the sheriff’s boyhood room, is convinced by Mick’s off-schedule entry that Despina is taking the townie's advice and "sticking to her own kind."  Quickly dressing himself and Alberto, he collects his brood and stalks out.

“Oops, more trouble in Paradise,” opines Paul Peter with a shrug, his lips twitching.

Despina, although surrounded by numerous people in the know who again withhold vital information from her, whether intentionally, or not, has no clue they are renting Mickey’s room from his mother, which Mick still occupies the rest of the week, until the instant he enters.  One look at Cu’s condemning face is enough for her to recognize immediately what both men will wrongly assume.  She is once again caught flat footed and in the cultural wrong, trampled in spirit by eddying cross currents in what looked to be smooth waters.

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Last updated 12/4/2014 Corrected PP to Paul Peter, as it was in the narrator's voice, not conversation.  3/11/10 Corrected Violet’s name. Did extensive revision to change it from the earlier entry. 2/4/10 Added “tells”; enhanced the cultural conflict, I hope. 12/18/09..

Word Count: 467
Tags: sotfw -- sc

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