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Trip to Des Moines Leads to Yet Another Outbreak of Pandemonium

"It's not just an appointment to get new glasses -- it's an adventure," to paraphrase a recruitment poster slogan.

With my usual anticipation, I managed to remain sleepless most of the night lest I oversleep (even though my alarm worked well for years while I was employed, and has not been hit by lightening or suffered some other such catastrophe which might ligitimately lead me to believe that on this all-important day, it would malfunction.)

Up at five to leave at 7:30 for a 10 a.m. appointment is a bit of overkill I could have done without. My hair did not need to be dry to set out July 25 for fear of freezing... really! I know that! I'd left extra time to negotiate the traffic, as I was likely to hit some before I got there.

I'm seriously editing on the first book, penned mainly in 2001, and am in the middle of Part V, which has a lot of threads to events earlier that must be in place. Over time, some elements have been rearranged/dropped, and if alluded to later... well, I'm sure you get the picture. Continuity counts.

I arrived at the Merle Hay Mall ten minutes prior to the first unlocking of the main mall entrance, so I whipped out the handy laptop, whose battery had been charged in case the cord was too short to reach a plug in, or none were available. I located the list of puns on the name Blissful Rest Motel I wanted to work into the novel, and was trying to cross check to be sure there were no duplicates, and see if I felt the unused ones should be added or ignored.

When the first person entered successfully, I closed up and headed over. The eye doctor is the second business inside the main entrance. They were open, but the doctors were not ready yet, so I sat in the corner, plugged in, pulled up several likely entries and got some of the list checked off, and some good additions I'd dreamed up when I had access to the idea but not the list, when I was called to a room. By the time I got backed out and unplugged, the gal had disappeared down a hallway, out of sight.

Playing "Peek-a-boo at 62 makes one feel just a tad bit ridiculous, but was a successful ploy in locating the lady.

Rescued from Collecting Again: I publicly edited during the dollop-long wait for my new glasses, I used the corner plug in in the eye doctor's waiting room, with the secretary's kind permission. I can't decide if public editing is as embarrassing as public crying. I do know that I became engrossed in the correction of a series of inconsistencies I'd knew existed, but had not yet worked out a solution for. While inspiration held me in its throes, I was loath to lose it, losing the location of the secretary instead.

room switch, Insurance snafu, trifocals, one hour wait, trip to the can, nearly 1 p.m. -- ran out of material downloaded from the internet to edit -- try on, blurred page, redo, trip to drop off laptop for memory increase, return for glasses, trip to Olive Garden, lost in space of a few blocks... Mom, "We don't eat crab during the summer", calimari tough, out of white sauce, birthday girl, doggie bags, shopping at Wal Mart, lost registers, blue pails, floor lamp, employee's clueless directions, spatulas,
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