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Lines I Love from Movies I'm Yet to See #1

...each (movie) knows how we invent our lives as we live them. ''Sometimes you can tell the truth more easily with lies,'' someone remarks in ''Western.'' Or, as a woman asks in ''Smoke Signals,'' ''Do you want lies or do you want the truth?'' Her companion speaks for both these films when he answers, ''I want both." -- from "Smoke Signals" (1998) FILM FESTIVAL REVIEW; "Miles to Go, and Worlds Apart" By JANET MASLIN, Published: March 27, 1998

And both are now moved to the top of my Netflix queue. I came to "Smoke Signals" via the Adam Beach character (Charles Eastman) in the film made from Dee Brown's book, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. I'd seen him also in "Windtalkers", but didn't know anyone's names yet, so Bury is a re-introduction, as this year, I am looking more deeply into people's movies by type, star, genre, etc.

As you can readily see, I'm right up to date. Gotta love the internet, serving up decade-old news as if it were fresh!
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