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Getting In Touch for Old Friends - returned email stored here

It seems as if I am finding out email addresses for a lot of old
friends I'd lost track of lately. This is good news!

If you had an epistle for every time I thought fondly "I should
contact..." your email would be constantly over limit.

I officially retired 5/28/08. I was afraid I'd still be at it at 72,
mandatory retirement age, still afraid I would not have enough to live
on/feed the herd/pay taxes and insurance, but due to some quirky math
and my mom's financial adviser, I have MORE after taxes money until
the Sept. addition of nearly $450 of monthly insurance I have to send
to the school to stay active in their group. Once I reach 65, that
option goes away. I have NO idea what to do about supplemental
insurance at that point.

Another benefit of retiring is that my blood pressure reading dropped
dramatically, to the point where the PA commented, "You FORGOT to take
your meds this morning?"

I affirmed that I had, fearing the worst.

"Well, if you continue going like this, you may be able to discontinue
that med."

WOW! I'm up for that!

I'd set goals for myself -- have the car and mobile home paid off, the
herd numbers decreased -- prior to retiring. I thought I'd failed on
all three, but after Tim got done "rearranging", I was able to pay off
both the car and the trailer, and should be external debt free by
Feb. (Now, that does not mean new emergencies, which seem to drop
around me like dead flies hit by a powerful bug spray, won't occur in
the mean time... after all, this is still PANDEMONIUM.)

So, sensible investments, follow the budget, and reduce the herd are
the outline for the future. New sources of income potential include
marketing the first of the four book series I've been pecking at
desultorily since August, 2001 (I began a week before school
started... No, I COULD NOT think of it during summer vacation, it
seems!) Vol. one seems to be complete. My mom read it over during my
recent 10 day visit (the rough draft is around 500 pages) and caught a
few things that I was able to fix, but I'm looking for a writer's
group to get the feedback I need.

Last year, I got involved in ScriptFrenzy, the first of a yearly
"write a 20,000 word/100 page script in 30 days challenge (the
equivalent of a two hour movie.) I was all fired up, and did hit the
20,000 words, but in Act II, Scene I... I obviously have NOT masted
the bare-bones style required for script writing. I have tons more to
add, as well. So, maybe I'm doing a mini-series of some type!

The last day, the superintendent, as he posed handing me my plaque,
said, "May I call you as a sub?" I told him I wasn't eligible, coward
that I am, but that is only true for four months. "No way, no how,"
would have been totally rude and unnecessary. Had I wanted to remain
in the classroom, I would have signed and returned my contract, not
agreed to do it for less money, no job security, and no authority to
positively impact the students' learning... a glorified babysitter is
not in my desirable job repertoire.

Unless gas and feed costs outstrip my budget, which has economic
downturn sustainability somewhat built in, I should be able to
maintain without additional sales until natural attrition removes the
necessity. (I did call the vet and authorize the euthanasia of my 23
year-old favorite, Cariñosa, the last Jay Dee daughter I own, who has
been doing poorly since last fall. I can't stand to watch one slowly
starve to death in spite of all possible interventions.) I've had one
email inquiry, on a mare I sold for cash several years ago, and one
farm visit/try out while I was in MS with my 84 year old mother. The
friend who was horse-sitting tried, but the gal did not call back (and
HE DID NOT GET NAME/NUMBER for me to contact her.)

So, I still offer a 10% commission to anyone instrumental in a horse
sale (14 head left, only three of which are keepers) if anyone you
know is interested, and anyone with a yen to read, please let me know
if you desire hard copy or on line... I'd love the feedback and do

Web site:

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