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Cast of Characters - Street Predators (4/23/09 WC 228)

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Seventh Graders

    SKATEBOARD GIRL #1/MIRIAM - methodical, analytical, practical, good explainer, sense of humor, appreciates the absurd, respectful toward parents, churchgoer, outraged, wants to do things lawfully, boy crazy

    SKATEBOARD GIRL #2/AKIKO (Japanese - Autumn Girl/Bright Child) - good foot soldier

    SKATEBOARD GIRL #3/GLENNA - MC, compassionate, concerned, at least about those in her peer group, resents authority, strong sense of justice, sees the world in black and white terms, strong sense of outrage, a bit of a drama queen, manipulative to get what she wants, forceful personality; poor home environment she rises above. Her personal story and YUPPIE MAN's intertwine. Honors student.

    SKATEBOARD GIRL #4/ARIAL - sensitive, timid, notes details, focused, honor student, worried about reputation

    CENSUS GIRL #1/NAHIDA (Arabic - Brave) - organized, goal oriented, wants results, thinks well on her feet, positive thinker, enjoys making waves

    CENSUS GIRL #2/PIXIE - cheerleader type, charge ahead regardless of consequences

    MALLORY - shy, but determined




    Faiza (Arabic - Victorious)


    YUPPIE MAN/SOAS/Cooper Danielero - MC, actor, fond of hiphuggers, passionate; starts out as a pretty self-centered, self-satisfied jerk, but evolves into a more mature person with a social conscious, good buns mandatory

    Dowdy wife of Old Man wearing low-riders

    Old Man wearing low-riders

    Pedestrians of all stripe (extras)


Family Members

    Tuck - Glenna's 8 year old brother

    - Glenna's older sister, a high school senior

    - Glenna's divorced mother

    - Glenna's mother's live in boyfriend
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