pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

On Sisters

The Girl Next Door
Kate Welsh

P. 245

( Jeff, the boy next door, childhood best friend of her brother, is talking to Hope, the childhood tag-along younger sister, now all grown up.)

"You said I was like a sister to you."

Even in the low light of the garden lanterns, Hope could see his silvery eyes glitter. "I'd get arrested in nearly every civilized country in the world for feeling this way about a sister."

When Jeff is injured, Hope can't get in. Since she's not family, she can't get any information from the hospital. Her brother flirts with a nurse, introducing himself as Dr. Cole Taggert, and is shown back and introduced.

p. 39-41

Nothing like a little professional courtesy, Cole thought as he accepted the chart. He'd never understand why medical doctors couldn't master simple penmanship. He'd have been drummed out of veterinary school for handwriting like this. He handed it back. "Uh, I'm afraid I flunked illegible scrawl 101. Could you catch me up on my friend's condition? He has no family, but is about to become engaged to my sister."

Dr. Chin nodded, "I can understand why he was so devastated. I'll see your sister has liberal access to him." ... The doctor smiled. "So what is your specialty, or are you in general practice?"

Cole grimaced. Granny Taggert's training was inconvenient at the worst times. "My specialty? Equine surgery, actually. I'd better get back to my sister. Thanks for your help."

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