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Alphabet Soup

May 5, 2002 11:20

Eventually, the best of the alphabet photos are downloaded on the library's color printer. Alberto's choice of prints from Despina's $5.00 are interesting, and sell out, at $1.00 a copy. This is reinvested, and as far as Despina can tell, none of the adults pays out of their pockets for prints again.

By the time the digital camera's memory stick limit of 100 has been reached, and Alice's computer's memory is full, four fairly complete alphabets exist: one set from land forms and water, one from cloud formations, another from desert plants, and the last from animals, including some close-ups of some highly UNNATURAL effects created with horses' manes and tails.

Bruno helps Sara and Alberto mat, frame, and display copies of them in the art gallery. Once the students get a feel for the types of mats and borders that attract the most attention, they choose how to set up the next ones, working alone.

The best are painstakingly matted with twig borders, pebble borders, woven grass borders, or colored sand borders and displayed at the county fair's science exhibit, under the heading Nuestro alfabeto natural, taking first prize, a first for Indians of any age in this county.

After that, Alphabet Books that are hand made on home-made matting paper become an item that Rita also can sell.

Removed from "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" 10/19/04.

Last updated 6/20/02.
Tags: sotfw - sc

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