pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Let's Do Lunch

The elementary teachers went to the local tap, called, logically enough, The Tap, for lunch. BUT it is okay, as they were on the "lunch" side. Two tables-full of them.

The secretaries took me out -- at a quarter till, to the same place. At five after one, we got back to school... while the last of the elementary people just got served. To make matters worse, two of them got the hot beef sandwich, which Darcia and I had... But first Darcia got hers, then I got mine, slight break, and Deb got her fish sandwich. The other teachers were eating cheese balls and some other appetizers. Customers came in for carry out, and the rest of the elementary group got nothing.

More teachers came in. The elementary were a LOUD bunch. Townies came in. I watched them eyeball the elementary folk. I'll just BET the rumor around town will be how they tied one on at The Tap while waiting for lunch.

Darcia's husband, the guidance counselor, came in. He was going to go have a "sandwich" next door. (as in liquid lunch) Darcia duly scolded.

So, now, the grades are in and received, my keys are piled, fearless leader can't decide if they are or are not teaching reading next year, so I am piling, not filing. If they don't need the stuff again, it is silly to make new folders, etc.

I am sorting, and have dumped my trash can once already. I wanted to make an entry in my journal, and attached a file to do it with, but it won't open here, so I'm not sure what I did. I can open the stuff from school at home.

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