pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Appropriate Attire

One of my senior girls, who is in track, just came in wearing a black t-shirt with spaghetti writing in many colors. I didn't get the front read yet, but the back says, "Stop playing with your balls (graphics of basket, foot, and soccer balls) and RUN." (graphic of legs in mid stride from mid thigh down. I can't believe she wore that to four other classes without a comment being made.

The front is Warriorette Track and the year, her name on the sleeves, first on the right one, last on the left. Now, Mr. L is the track coach. I am HOPING this is not his brain child...

One of his other jobs is the yearbook and school newspaper. One year, his staff sported t-shirts the last day of school that said, "L's Pub", so who knows.
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