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Movie Critique for Mozart and the Whale

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Mozart and the Whale (2005)

Director's Cut Of Interest, 22 March 2008

Author: pandemo-geo from Promise City, Iowa, United States

Before I knew of the dissatisfaction of some of the actors associated with this movie, I loved JDH's portrayal of Donald Morton. I've ordered the book, Mozart and the Whale, An Asperger's Love Story, co-written by the real-life man and wife who inspired the story, Jerry and Mary Newport with Johnny Dodd.

When I heard of the controversy over making the story comical vs realistic, I knew I'd love to see a director's cut made. If just plain folks can express an opinion about what movie makers think we want compared to what we REALLY want, I say, "TRUST US TO RECOGNIZE AND APPRECIATE TRUTH." Even though I already own a DVD of this movie, should one appear labeled DIRECTOR'S CUT, I'd shell out for it.

Maybe THAT one would rate a 20, or even a 50!

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