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Moving into MOVIE Criticism -- O

IMDb user comments for
O (2002)

Befuddled Hugo's Jealousy (Spoiler), 22 March 2008

Author: pandemo.geo from Promise City, Iowa, United States

We like to think that racial acceptance as demonstrated by marriage between members of disparate groups as modern, but here's a modern reworking of a hundreds of years old tale on that topic, with a plot fueled by prejudice and jealousy, using the juxtaposition of stark white skin next to exceedingly black in a sex scene that really drives the societal and parental shock of the Othello/Desdemona-esque union home in a visceral fashion.

I loved the ending, where Hugo's (the Iago character) jealous plotting comes to fruition, leaving him totally befuddled by his pending future. He was so delightfully evil earlier. The use of sex as a reward for pleasing him was juicily despicable and unloving.

(Of course, with Shakespeare doing your plotting, coupled with modernized dialog and setting, it's hard to go wrong.)
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