pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Oh, No! Not Again!

Monday, we had fog. Thick fog. Since it was relatively clear on my farm, I did not leave extra time for the trip. I got caught behind a car on my road (NEVER happens -- no cars ON the road generally), and couldn't get around safely because I could barely see his tail lights.

I was ten minutes late, when I should have arrived 15 minutes early.

Today, the fog on my hillside was LESS than yesterday's. I set out early anyway.

No cars in the parking lot I use. Only one janitor's truck and the principal's pick-up. What's up? I didn't get called about anything strange happening. The roads weren't slick.

I head for the principal's office. "I don't know what to tell you. Who's supposed to call you?"

"The superintendent calls the janitor who comes in at noon, then she calls me."

I check with the janitor. "Nope. Nobody called."

(I KNOW she would pass it on before falling back to sleep... She's even told me it is okay to call her to verify.)

I was feeling half way sick, and would have LOVED to roll over and snooze some more.
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