pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

V Day

Several of my "girls" came in with a huge bucket of flowers and told me to pick one. I have an empty pop bottle on my chalk board that sports a dead and shedding rose from last year. The kids ask about it some time. Today, I threw it out and put in the new one. I got two for the lift out of one, a yellow tiny flower sort of like baby's breath. No idea what it is -- it either has no smell or such a soft one that with the rose smell clinging to it, it is totally overpowered. Pretty, though.

Here's my favorite VD quote:

Well, poetry has been erotic, or amative, or something of that sort -- at least a vast deal of it has -- ever since it stopped being epic.
-- Helen Deutsch, "Death, desire and translation: on the poetry of Propertius", TriQuarterly, March 22, 1993
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