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I came early. No cars in the lot. No people anywhere. Casey's and the local market both still dark. Time warp???

I drove in at 20 mph. My classroom is blessed with heat, even though the school electricity has been off. The clock reads nearly 3.... instead of seven...

My school refrigerator has a bit of food, but I am afraid of it, as it is all at room temp. Ruined, I think. I imagine the one at home is the same.

It is late enough now that the janitor at least should be here, dealing with the walks.

I look out the window -- nobody else is in sight.

I think I did not get called again today. This happened once before. This time, since the home electricity is still off, at least they have an excuse. I have to walk into the living room to get the phone. The closer ones are all "modern", so they don't make a peep when the juice is off.

I had mom call me so I'd wake up on time. She said, "Did you get a call yet today?" (Yesterday, the superintendent called shortly after 5.) Today, I found it on my school computer. No, not on the school web page -- it won't load because the server is down.

I think I will send an email to the superintendent, who lives in Missouri yet, and ask that he let it ring a bit longer. However, that might not have worked if I were actually asleep when he called, as the volume on the one old phone that actually still works is way low, so I might had slept right through it.

Today, I found our "school canceled" notice on my school computer. No, not on the school web page -- it won't load because the server is down -- but on the list on a DES MOINES radio station's web site. Closed Wednesday. It was a LONG list. But, since the electricity took the laptop's brand new modem, the replacement for the one I lost a week ago Saturday when the power went off, I can't access the web site from home. I can still run the lap top. I typed a bit on it, trouble shot on it with the man who had to authorize the replacement of the modem, and read while it was still daylight. I nearly got done with the book I need prepared for the next Monday's eighth grade reading class. Sigh. Then dream up 20-30 projects that kids will find interesting and meaningful, prepare a guideline they can follow, get the vocab entered on the web program that does the vocab activities, make a vocab list, and a unit test. It makes me tired just listing it all. Reading the book is the FUN part...

Mom gave me George's travel alarm, and after dark (didn't think of it beforehand...) I tried to set it. I didn't get it to ring. I'm not sure I set it correctly.

I need to either go to Centerville for an open store with groceries that are not spoiled, or hit a fast food place, or check again with the local Casey's. It looked as if there were two cars there, anyway, but no lights on and the sign said until they could get the pumps to work... Etc.

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