pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Truth in Prediction

I can tolerate snow, but ice is something else. My humor at the antics of the cats discovering the ice coated steps for the first time did not last long. When I went to feed them, I needed to take one step out the door with the bowl of cat food in hand to dump it accurately in the old skillet I use for their pan.

I slipped. Even forewarned, even preparing carefully to be directly over the foot destined to take the weight, not sideways. In recovering, I wrenched hip, back, shoulder, neck... I did not go clear down, but I was still feeling it later on.

As I related my tale various times to my Saturday morning telephone buddies and listened to their equally antic maneuvers in most cases (the exception being my mom, who lives on the Gulf Coast.)

The electricity was off from 11 - 8:30 last Saturday due to ice, and I spent most of the day listening to the thunk of chunks on the skylights in the two bathrooms, watching the play of light and shadow that looked like moonlight on ocean waves/troughs dark, moving up and down the south-facing windows, which were uniformly coated and useless as windows. Out the north windows, I had a fascinating view of the build-up of the ice on the top boards and woven wires of my fences. Icicles four inches long by the time darkness obscured the view.

The surge when it came back on took out the modems on BOTH computers! To establish that fact, the telephone man spent quite a while here Monday. Finally, after hooking in a PC laptop, he was able to connect, so we concluded that any further damage had to be inside both computers, no matter how unlikely.

The Apple rep was also ludicrous, but after lengthy trouble-shooting, we concluded that was what had to be. Only the new laptop is up and running, as Apple got the new external modem shipped to me by Tuesday. I was impressed! I had to ship the old (as in ONE WEEK OLD) external modem back to them when the new one arrived.

I had planned to take the G-4 tower up to Des Moines on Sat. but the weather was not suitable. Having no internet access on it means the script pages I've been working on are trapped on it, as I also don't have a fire wire with the correct ends to connect products seven years apart, an eon in technology growth years. The 160 mile round trip is not worth the risk of life and limb on unsafe roads.

When I do get to it, probably over Christmas vacation now, I will try for one cable that will slot into the fire wire port on the G4 tower made in 2001 and the Mac Book Pro that I got over Thanksgiving...

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