pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

PatM Jeremiah's Signature Line (WC: 115)

Somewhere earlier in the script, stick in Jeremiah's oft-used line:
Well, I stuck it in Act 1, Scene IV, but it was somewhat a break in tone, making the whole thing sound more acrimonious to my ears. I'm not sure I like it there at all.
    I don't poach and I don't plead.

    Does it just come naturally to you, or did you study for years to reach this level of jerkitude?

    I don't prevaricate and I don't persuade.

    You sure seem to have a lot of I don't's. When you get your list of I do's ready, try me. I'll shoot them down for you.

    If someone's with me, it's because they want to be.

    I don't remember you asking if I wanted to be with you. You just showed up and sort of commandeered my work, taking me along for the ride.

Tags: patm

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