pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Homecoming Parade

So, I limped across half of Seymour (which is NOTHING like limping across half of Rochester would be, believe me... Not even like limping across the top of Country Club Manor...) to stand on a corner for crowd control.

MP, our former music teacher, called to me from her porch. I walked to the wrong corner, as I did not have a map showing my corner, and actually reported a block too far.

There was NOBODY at curb side on either side of the street for the entire block as I walked by on the way up. Coming back to the "right" corner, (equally empty, after looking at the map a fellow teacher had), I found Mary, HER MOTHER, and one of her granddaughters, who was so small, the sound of the fire engine's siren scared her so badly that she SAT ON GRANDMA's LAP when it went by, and her dog, who made fast friends with me, even though I'd petted three of four kittens I'd met en route.

I dutifully stood nearby, even though they were back 3-4 feet from the edge of the street, just in case any of them should develop a fast-acting of, oh, let's say, mad cow disease and decide to dive in front of members of the marching band, or any of the tractors fleeing by at 5-6 mph...

The various kids on the floats chatted, waved, threw candy and gum, and called gritas in Spanish. I waved and chatted back in Spanish, petting the dog, WHO DID NOT dive for the goodies (Defective nose? Dislikes sugar? Too fat to get its nose to the ground? No sé.)

Lots of the candy and gum (all in individual wrappers) landed in the berm grass, in the gutter, or on the street itself. Since most float's candy was thrown by our football players, that bodes ill for the way we fare at the homecoming game, no? We're talking a standard city street's width, from a vehicle straddling the center line, not a 6 lane interstate, here...

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