pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Damage Update

I drove down to the mail box so I could take a fast wheel around the area... and ran into the Corydon staff from one of the government agencies, out taking photos, and checking each bridge/culvert.

Our area is under watch now, called Promise City (six miles south), not Centerville) until Midnight. For PC to make even STATE WIDE news is unheard-of in the 31 years I've been here.

Shortly after 8, I saw the county's grader going SOUTH (normally, they come NORTH first...) He did NOT stop to scrape the gravel off the road surface, even though one area is so washed out that an entire semi could be dropped off into it (or maybe his double wheels would save him, as the groove is only about as wide as a car tire... He must have been setting out the flood signs, or something.

I think the weather is reporting about 3-5 hours behind the actual on the ground happenings. Before dawn, the creek just north of the old house flashed. I found debris at the edge of the driveway two feet northwest of the base of the blasted pine in the front yard, so the entire lower house drive below that was under, but not the far side of the garage/machine shed.

The bridge four miles north of PC is still open, no debris, so it looks as if the extensive diking system and land confiscation program the government embarked on has been successful. Water is still a foot below crossover at present. The area where the dike is has a foot of water on it and a vigorous flow making white caps on the OUTSIDE away from the creek, so we're not out of the woods there, yet.

The gravel road beds off S 56 are highly eroded clear out into the traffic lanes on both sides of the steeper hills, so it is one lane traffic or bury the vehicle over the axel if you don't line up slantwise across the ruts... On S 56's edges, the gravel has washed clear to the center line over 1/4-1/2 mile area around my farm. One rut that runs immediately along the east side of the road in front of my property is over a foot deep. I pity anyone who unknowingly tries to PULL OFF along there!

The side road at the top of the hill to the south that curves around and comes out 1/8 mile from CM's house has a "flood area ahead" warning on it.

I drove over to CM's, using the bridge across that creek on the next road north from there, which had debris on the bridge surface, but was 1" in the clear now. I watched from the top of the hill while the county's carful of people gingerly crept across, then when they'd pulled over to take photos, went over myself. I figured my smaller car with fewer people in it would not crash through if theirs didn't... Not totally logical, but a pretty good indicator, I figured. With people watching, rescue might happen in the event something went bad, right? Or is that only on TV?

CM's drapes were still drawn, so I assumed she was either gone or still asleep. I went south as far as the buffalo pastures. They are all safe, but the lower pastures had wide open gates, so they'd obviously been moved... The rural mail carrier, who normally hits my farm around 10, was just setting out. That's a good sign. I'd love to hear afterward how much of his route he was able to reach.

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