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Story Arc Material (WC: 485)

This story seems to want to turn perpetual on me.

1. JH models for the artwork Obie has created for the CD/DVD Music tie-in for Mountain Home (Sequel?) called Viking Dreams and the prospective trailer for Propinquity and the Mesmerizer.

    • Painting of naked JH, montage of front/side/in action superimposed on a head and shoulders portrait, head larger than life, eyes painted in vivid, realistic color, the rest in a charcoal/watercolor wash.

    • Painting of JH, Obie embracing, side view, superimposed on walking front view, holding hands, heads again larger than life, eyes painted in vivid, realistic color on both faces.

2. All throughout the filming, when Obie is NOT doing scripts, she entertains herself with an artist's sketch pad and a piece of charcoal, doing gesture sketches of cast and crew as they work. Work into various scenes where she's on the set, but not actively involved.

3. Art exhibit of her work in Minneapolis/St. Paul gallery, featuring a FULL WALL sized nude montage of JH.

4. JH drug/alcohol induced "nervous breakdown", someone commits him to an up-scale insane asylum, and someone gets control of his money. Obie can't figure out who has the power of attorney for his account. When he gets into trouble on the set, a friend warns her to marry him at once (based on a vision one of the Indians hired for their first movie has). A tribal ceremony is held in an inaccessible canyon north of Sedona, AZ, which is NOT made public, although court documents are filed in a very small nearby town, whose court house staff are Indians. His foster mother turns out to be behind the money grab, but this is not revealed until the end of the story.

5. Obie, flying into Minneapolis, wanders into the courthouse looking for details to put in her “Juan at court” scene. She enters a “trial in progress” courtroom and soon finds herself wrapped up in the delinquency case of a young offender (Joe H) who is part of a street gang. He is handed a document to read, and Obie suspects he CAN’T READ. One thing leads to another, and she ends up co-guardians with his older brother JH, he the money bags, she the daily caregiver, based on 1) learning to read, 2) acquisition of a diploma/GED, 3) staying drug/alcohol free, 4) performing five hours DAILY of hard physical labor, 5) following house rules.

6. At the wedding, many movie cameras, which the reclusive tribe has forbidden, make their surreptitious way into the area. During the interminable ceremony, Obie and Jeremiah slip out "unseen" and make love behind a grove in the horse pasture. Obie’s Arabians, being curious, lead the band over, Leche in the lead, to see what is going on. She arches her neck, flags her tail, and sniffs JH's bunching hindquarters as he pumps... finally LICKING him. He leaps up, she in hot pursuit, and races directly into his brother Joe's video camera... which just happens to be Obie's. At one point, he makes a spectacular leap in response to a goose from Leche's cold nose...

7. RR provides "how to" satisfy your woman info to JH.

8. HF enters into early onslaught Alzheimer's, is left by long time companion, and marries OBIE following the break-up of her JH marriage when he finally after much urging from her, gets a young, satisfactory female, and several biological children, done via test tube, have been created.

Last updated 6/15/08, added Custody of Joe; 5/5/08, added # 5.
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