pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Examining Effects

School started Wed. We got out at 1 for heat. Yesterday, we did the full day. Today we're out for flood. I feel an INTERESTING year coming on. Our new Superintendent seems TIMID compared to the old one, who prided himself on keeping to the original calendar.

MY FARM has NO FLOODING. The neighbor to the north build a pond a few years back. The powers that be made him have all landowners whose farms that creek ran through sign a permission to reduce the water flow slip. It came out of the bank, but NOT into the house yard...

The creek to the south is only half way across the hay field, about to the dirt road down the center of his property that we used to go ride on all the time when others owned it. The year we got the 13" overnight, the water filled the whole hay field and my driveway, level with the raised road bed for the entire width of the old house before it starts to climb the hill, served as a levee, with waters lapping several feet up the side before all was said and done. The old house was SPARED by the driveway...

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