pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

A Death in the "Family"

I got this email from my best friend from my Toledo days:
(Ron Dee Vu, a 3/4 Saddlebred, is a daughter of PtHA Champion Deja Vu, by PtHA Champion Jay Dee.)

It is with a very sad heart that I write to tell you that I took the trip to Ames this morning and had RonDeeVu put to sleep. She was 26 years old and was suffering greatly from chronic choke. She had lost a great deal of weight in the past 5-6 weeks and had developed more infected teeth. The staff at ISU (Iowa State University, where the vet college is located) were terrific, but it still was a difficult trip.

I chose to remember her as the terrific buggy horse that she was and all of the wonderful doors that she opened up for me. Some of our best times were the Mid-Iowa drives were she earned us the reputations as "undisciplined horse and undisciplined driver"!!. She took me through three major wagon trains that were a week in length and enumerable trips to town. She gave rides to neighborhood children, provided a safe mount for a few "boyfriends" and before she got mad about parades, hauled me in several local ones. Ronnie and I learned to trail ride together and made trips to Big Piney, Shawnee, Zombro Bottoms and many local trail rides.

She had one of the biggest "go for the doctor" trots that I have ever seen and a heart to match. Many times she put my buggy on two wheels and took the sleigh airborne.

I feel blessed to have been loaned such a great horse for so long a time. I am sure that she is now running with a very special white horse in heaven.

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