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New Glasses

I got sick last night, and took nearly the 24 hour limit of Tums. Today, I have not eaten yet, not hungry, and NOT SOLID...

I lied. I just now, at 2:30, had an orange Popsicle... (and a phone call...My day for it, I guess, since I was gone yesterday. )

I went to Des Moines yesterday to get my new glasses for the year... I took two old frames along, and the new prescription was $255 each, so cheaper than last year's two. Their one hour lab was down, so I won't get them until the start of next week -- they plan to have them ready by Friday and mail them.

As we came into town by Southridge mall, we passed a building on the way to Yonkers, where I had a coupon for 10% off, but it was only for orders of more than $50. I wanted to buy a new pillowcase for my big body pillows, which I love.

They carried them, for $18. each. NEW body pillows were $12 something.

I then wanted matching throws to go over the two big blue chairs... Yonkers in DM DOES NOT CARRY THEM. The gal suggested TARGET, so we drove over to Target. I couldn't find them there, and then just gave up. If I can stand to use a form fitted ugly gold sheet, I bet I could find a twin set that would be pretty. Some I liked were $69. Some were $49, some $29, and what I bought were $11.99. ??? If they wear out in a year, I can afford to replace them, AND not be bored by having the same color scheme for years.

So, add to your garage sale list, colored sheets that will reflect the fall leaves/brown building tones in that mural. I ended up with beige. The carpet is blue, so pretty blues in a pleasing pattern (not floral, as it might clash with the shell and flower border -- can you remember what that looks like? IF it matched, it might work, but I'd rather go with the autumn theme...) Stained/worn is fine, as I can put some of that toward the back of the chair where it will hang down out of sight against the wall... You have at least a YEAR to find something -- or even new if the colors are what I'm looking for. Nothing in Target was decent. I did not go back to Yonkers and look -- we were getting late and I was afraid it might take more than an hour to get across DM to the mall where the eye doctor is.

I'd signed up for glasses insurance, and the exam was $65 or so, BUT, I paid $10 co-pay. He decreased the strength of the bifocals part this time around, and I have a readability reach 2" closer to my face than I did, and clear out to the end of my arm. Before, my good range was about 4-6" in depth. If I moved a book from my hand to flat on the desk, I had to hunch over it to keep it in focus.

The doctor was examined me was OLD, gray haired, and had taught in a hospital in ALABAMA, moved to Jackson, and ended up back in Iowa where he'd started out because the people were more friendly. I could TELL so
many times I was working with a teacher and we talked about teacherly things.

I ran out of checks in Des Moines in one checkbook. I knew I was close to out, so put a pack in my pile... for the wrong bank. Well, the target credit card was unacceptable -- I hadn't used it often enough, so have to call, from home, of course, but will wait until I want/need to charge again -- probably NEXT summer's trip.)

I forgot my list at home, so came WITHOUT THE SCOTCH TAPE again. I did well on everything else, and at least the tape is readily available.

CM and I drove by a "multiplex" theater on the way through the Southridge Mall parking lot, and she said, "No, that's a movie theater; the boys and I saw ... there," when I told her what I thought the building had housed. The whole area had been built up so much that I didn't realize that this was the way, way back open land before.

"I wonder what is playing?" she asked.

So, when we came out of Yonkers, I did a reverse and drive by in front of the building, where four movies and their times were on display.

We selected NO RESERVATION a COOKING SHOW, and of the four daily showings, we chose the 4:10 one, which would have put us on our way home around 6, with an ETA of 8ish depending on how long we took buying the groceries, and would have been a 12 hour day for us, plenty in that heat.

We both loved No Reservation. (romance, comedic at times, good acting, believable plot, even minor characters well developed -- classy all around.) AND I could read the credits on the screen. I sang along with the final aria, and named it done by Luciano Pavarotti... (One guy toured Italy and had fallen in love with opera, which he played in the restaurant kitchen while cooking -- funny, funny scenes. So nice to see good quality music NOT used to portray the madman/villain character a la Clockwork Orange, etc.)

As the credits rolled, sure enough it was LP... I hummed that tune (off key and not held 1/10 of the time LP did it) all evening. Aaron Eckhart, and Katie... oh, I've forgotten, and a doll of a child. The safari scene is SO PRICELESS and reminded my of our blanket and chair TENTING we did as kids in the Chicago living room... (and the upside down foot stool boat...)

We backtracked from there to the Olive Garden, overeating and coming home with plenty for at least one more meal apiece... We did the appetizers, and both felt that could have been the entire meal. (but, the salad and main entree was so good, too...) We just didn't need that much food... We got a steak Gorgonzola Alfredo (not right, but close enough the bus boy who delivered the appetizers AND spell check could figure out what we wanted, my meat done medium rare, C's well done) and both had trouble eating 1/4 of the meat, pasta combo by the time we got that far. I had the fried squid again, the stuffed mushrooms, which we split, and she got the zucchini breaded vegy, which I tasted, but was not thrilled with... She took home three of her patties.

We got lost going TO the Olive Garden from a new angle... and spent an hour crossing DM. On the way back, I knew the way and took a direct route. It was still an hour later when we hit Indianola. Weird. We didn't even realize it, we were having such a good time.

Back again at Indianola, we shopped at Hy Vee. Their gas was $2.69.9 a gallon, and my $75 bill took off a dime a gallon. I told them to pack the next lady in the same cart, as we were together. The guy said to tell the gas lady that and she'd total the two together, giving me .15¢ off a gallon. I took over 12 gallons (a full tank...) so it was neat. No matter WHERE I'd bought, Chariton, Corydon, or Centerville, I'd have spent the same amount, but without the cheaper gas.

We got home with the ice cream in my cooler still okay, even though it was more than an hour trip. Of course, at 11 at night, the scorcher of a day DID NOT HINDER us as it would have at a more reasonable hour.

We laughed SO much!
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