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Crabs Walk Sideways Lyrics -- The Smothers Brothers

I think my sister's granddaughter is a tad bit young for this one yet... But it still sure is cute!


The Smothers Brothers

Herman met Sally on the beach one night,
The sea was calm and the starfish were bright.
She looked at him and he looked at her;
It was true love at first sight.

Well, Herman told his folks about the girl that he found,
They said, "Herman there must be other girls around.
'Cause crabs walk sideways; lobsters walk straight,
And we won't let you take her for your mate."


Crabs walk sideways and lobsters walk straight,
And you can't take a crab for your mate.

Well, Herman told his Sally, and it broke her heart;
She loved that lobster right from the start;
He took her in his claws and said, "I'll always be yours,
But still, dear, we'll have to part."


She said, "Let me talk to your mom and dad;
I'll show them crabs really aren't that bad."
But they turned her away.
"What will the neighbors say?"
And they laughted at the funny walk she had.


Then one day on the sandbar what did Herman see,
But his little ol' Sally walking straight as can be.
He said, "Sweetheart, now they'll take you in the family!"
She said, "Don't you sweetheart me! Hic!"

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