pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

TO-DO List (It-Never-Rains-But-It-Pours Division)

Getting disorganized and overwhelmed again.

1) figure out how to handle the broken doorknob to the utility room. Removal DID NOT = access (latch now is firmly in door frame, but handle on both sides is missing. Inserting the long pointy end and turning does NOT release it.)
    Why It Matters

    Need to feed and water cats twice a day. (Also removes spontaneous enjoyment of answering their calls for love/attention and cuddle sessions with amenable female and her three engaging kittens.)

    Need to do laundry. (After all, Monday's wash day, according to the old song.) (Besides, sweated-out clothes STINK, on or off the body. Showering does NOT solve the problem. *LIGHT BULB* If I can't get to the washer, I could shower in the dirty clothes. I wonder how long it would take the carpet in front of the shower stall to dry out? Would it rot the flooring first if I did an entire load that way? *Deflates*)

    Need to return tools used in another project to their home in the cabinet above the washer/dryer.

    Prior Attempts

    Needed to get new light bulb for reading lamp last night so I can finish John Grisham's The Chamber (Reading in the bath tub is ultimately uncomfortable and puts the book at risk of water damage.)

    Extenuating Circumstances

    Outside deck not done = no stairs to enter from rear.

    Deck framing in place, but too high for me to step up on.

    Surrounded by a sea of mud = putting one foot up on deck = surety of slide

      How I Know

      Tried to go around house for light bulb to replace bulb for lamp.

      (Taking victory where I can find it = successfully exited house, smartly wearing oldest shoes)

      Wrenched my back trying to pull myself up onto the deck using the interior door handle for leverage. (Nightmare thought: What if I damage it irreparably BEFORE I get inside with my food/water care package for the cats?)

      Slipped on floor while reaching up to top shelf of cabinet for light bulb

      Slipped on boards while trying to safely get back to ground level.

    Potential Solutions

    Take house step ladder used to reach alphabetized movies stored on top shelf in computer room closet around.


      It is probably above the weight limit of what I am supposed to carry.

      It is no longer sturdy when opened.

      There is nothing tall to lean it against except the house siding, which is not sturdy.

      It might slip in the mud.

      Removing the mud will be time consuming.

      Falling off a rickety, unanchored ladder can lead to injury.

      Since I live alone, and this would be taking place behind the house, nobody might notice for quite a while. (*Shudders* I seem to have somewhat of an overactive imagination.)

    Take plastic step ladder around.


      Lighter weight.

      Plastic washes off easier.

      Four legs instead of two = more mud to wash off, but also adds stability.

    Allow sun to dry up the mud before trying to climb up on the frame unaided.


      Still might damage door handle.

      Still might cause more pain and suffering when I pull myself up. (Expunge evil thoughts of revenge against the specialist who said my knees weren't bad enough to do anything about yet. Do I have to be trapped in the new porch framework until my mom lands in Des Moines next Thursday, doesn't get picked up, can't reach me, and panics, calling a neighbor or the police to see what's happened to me?) (*Shudders* I definitely suffer from an overactive imagination.)

    Last Resort

    Call a neighbor.

2) renew teaching license

3) go shopping (While I can easily drink water instead of milk and eat canned/boxed foods for an extended period without running out, the outdoor cat's monthly supply bought in bulk is nearly gone, the indoor cats have tonight's feed and then nothing. Besides, I'm out of chocolate ice cream. I HAVE to go!)

4) return borrowed books to the library. (Are they overdue? Maybe. I've had them sitting in the car seat so whenever I do go to town, they are handy.)

5) burn trash again when the wind drops

6) get old dryer out of the back of the truck

7) haul gravel for lower driveway

8) empty the couch! Thursday's coming...

9) figure out how to create the modern day script format of movies on lj

10) convert existing parts of script to said format

11) add piled up ideas, corrections, clarifications to existing on-line script

12) update word count

There. Now I'm in a much better mood, AND I think I'm getting a better handle on how to manipulate text placement in lj...

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