pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

How Goes The House Cleaning

Mom and my aunt are due to hit Pandemonium in ten days. I'd like that to be the FARM NAME ONLY, not the state of affairs as soon as they set foot on the property.

So, I work on the piles a little bit every day.

Today, I'm in "open the boxes" mode. (Harried housekeeping tip: when unexpected company is coming during the school year, clear the piles off the chairs by putting them in boxes, then setting the boxes aside. I've made a career of that. I now have that skill down to absolute perfection. So NOW I decide to reverse the trend? Sheer insanity!)

I have discovered ONE FULL case of four Xango Juice. Maybe it can go north to a young man who needs to drink it for his health, but is too poor to pay for it, two bottles in Mom's luggage and two in C's? Or does that make them pay extra to the airlines in overweight luggage charges?

I have two FULL boxes of books that were boxed to go home with my sister. Close up and mail? Try to add to Mom and C's luggage?

Please advise. Which way is cheapest and best? I want to be able to SEE THE COUCH cushion sometime soon.

When I get frustrated, my energy suffers, and I jump task. I'd like the satisfaction of finding at least ONE job I can finish up this morning, (preferably more strenuous than hitting the "post to pandemo" button, LOL).

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