pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Let's "DO" Lunch

Taking a breath for sanity's sake, I broke for lunch half way through the period. Cold green beans just didn't sound all that appealing, so down to the pizza party I went.

The table was full. Secretaries, all present. Aides, well-represented. Music department, all present (and past present, as well, even the one who was on staff years ago, who now subs for Music department people). Miscellaneous other teachers, all female. The lone band teacher, our "token" male.

When I entered, Mary Parker, who had NOT attended the superintendent's retirement bash, was INFORMED OF THE KISS. Out of all the craziness, THAT was the first one to get rehashed... And we all laughed again. One junior high parent of the brightest kid kept watching me carefully to see how I was taking it all. She's never seen Mary and I go into hysterics together before. We do it at the drop of a hat.

And we did it to them all again today. After another "Mrs. Superintendent" story got lightly touched on, where he sleepwalks in a hotel, actually getting on the ELEVATOR... (somewhere I've heard the other end of the story, the door he tried to get back in at the end of the ride, but I can't remember it now... someone on staff, and NOT THE WIFE told it then. I'm such a horrid gossip. I just can't remember it.) all the music people played, "let's guess the song S sang at the party.

I say, "30'3-40's torch ballad." D V(alentine?), "I Only Have Eyes For You," which sounds good to me, but Natalie, the chorus teacher, says something else, and that, too, sounds good. Mary says, "I can't believe S actually SANG in front of the entire staff." "And half the town... well, several big gossips, anyway, so same as."

"It reminds me of... and the group giddily galloped off down memory lane..." and WHAT MEMORIES THEY WERE! After a few husbands got roasted, the Music department again took the floor...

MP: I was teaching back when Craig Sebolt (one of the secretary's husbands) was in my choir, and as I was looking for a song in the piano bench, something caught my attention and I turned around, forgot the bench was UP, then sat down. The bottom is not designed to take any great weight -- sheets of paper not being known for their density, so it was only about 1/4" thick. I ended up going RIGHT THROUGH THE BOTTOM and got stuck in the frame of the seat. The choir went into hysterics, and when we all calmed down, CS was the one who helped me get out.

N: (current choir teacher) I had that happen to me at a concert one time. That old bench (interrupt, 'do you think it is the same one?' 'I bet it is') had a wobbly leg on it and it broke, right in the middle of the concert. ( Someone) noticed and (did something helpful but not obvious to the crowd) helped me out. Later, they welded it back on and it seems fine now.

"Sounds like --- (head janitor). New is not good. Just tape/weld/nail/paste it all back together."

Tammy Clark: (aide) It reminds me of the time at church. I was the janitor and that ol' piano bench was just such a mess. I was doing the windows, so I just polished it right up, gave it such a shine, when --- (well-known person in town) hit that bench, she flew right off the far end onto the floor.

My sides ached by the end of the lunch.

I doubt Mary will come back next Fri. to "do" lunch again... but, boy, is she a kick when she comes.
Tags: friday frolics

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