pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Friday Frolics -- NEW Class Suggestions for '07-'08 (A SMILE-A-GRAM from one of the staff)

1. For the TS group...
"Olympic Reading, the Ultimate in Track and Field events." Anyone who can finish their book and ace a 10 point vocab quiz done entirely while jogging around the school building wins an A.

Maybe I can get my weight better under control as a side effect.

2. For the CA group...
"Marathon Movie Watching, Spanish Style." Any kid who can master punching the DVD player into "Spanish Subtitles" mode and find examples of every grammar construction and vocabulary word presented in the Spanish I text book gets a pair of GEN-U-INE Spanish glasses, (which look surprisingly just exactly like English glasses...) Being able to ask questions/answer using the proper accent earns the performer an A.

3. For the CS (and other note writers/passers) group...
"Creative Journaling, the Titillating Topic Method of Theme Construction." Starter topics such as "How To Earn A Sure-Fire Detention: A Guidebook For the Seriously Well-Behaved", and new additions to the ever-popular "Emergency First Aid for Papers: How Not To Expire from an Overdose of Red Ink", should be easy for students to mimic and leave them well on their way to whatever comic writing outlet they can find...

Of course, I just happen to be well-qualified to teach all three classes...
as long as my knees hold up.

Well, time to get back to work, I guess.

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