pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Now, If He Can Just SUSTAIN...

Today, I spent the first ten minutes of one class reading the riot act to a young man who wondered why he got an F last quarter when he'd spent three weeks doing one test correction, retook the exam and got a 38%... I suggested my high school classes might go on the same academic regime as the junior high -- ACADEMIC DETENTIONS for no/low production or low/no quality, all part of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, even if that is their fondest desire...

I carefully explained the expectations, and outlined the minimum requirements. I got the test corrections (typed, as his hand writing is illegible), looked them over and okayed him taking the test. He wanted to go for it at once, so I gave him the first page. He finished, and took the second, finishing just after the bell, asking for and receiving a pass to the next class. I got to look over page one while he worked on page 2, so I could tell him he was doing well, with a perfect first page and only one error on the second.

After school, when he'd gotten 77% on the test corrections, (skipped one, left three errors, and did the hard part perfectly...) he'd earned 94% on the full test. I took it down to show the principal. I've been saying all year the kid was deliberately shooting himself in the foot. What he passed today was the same work he spent three weeks on last quarter, failing each part of everything repeatedly.

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