pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Dear NPR,

I was driving down a FOGGY ROAD late to work, creeping along, after I'd gotten my low slung car stuck in my driveway while all dressed up for the Parent-Teacher conferences we were to hold after school, then ended up bringing in the dirty old FARM PICKUP instead. I really needed a distraction.

I loved your Dr. Seuss story, especially the end where you asked for words that rhyme with .org.

The Cat in the Hat and All That

If you word your line so smor-
gasbord ends thusly, add a borg,
from the SCI-FI channel,
(chosen o're a debate panel
On ISPN,) you'll transmorg...

Ify, (or something like that)
By opening wide your broad-brimmed hat
And adding in the gingham dog and the calico cat --
Voila! You've created a SeussAcyborg,
Courtesy of WOI's airing of

Reference script spin-off
Tags: slice of life fantasy
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