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PatM Doing Badly (WC: 212 ) F

    I'm doing this very badly. I probably shouldn't be doing this at all.
Obie pauses, brushing her hand over her forehead into hair, mussing it hopelessly, even though it was none too controlled before.

    Well, blame my "enabler" personality... I guess I won't be able to sleep if I don't just get on with it.

    How about you, JG? You sure YOU want to be a party to this thing? YOU've got a lot to lose, after all. You really shouldn't be here at all. Have you thought this out thoroughly?
Jeremiah sits, bemused, in the armchair across from the foot of the bed. Obie looks at Jeremiah. He squirms.

    You’ve got all your clothes on. Can’t you be content to just sit there scenic-ly?

    I’ll admit to an appreciation of scenic beauty in nature and enjoying it as much as the next man, but to be personally elevated to that category? To find myself treated as just one of the rocks or trees? NO! Obie and Jeremiah eye each other wordlessly for an uncomfortable amount of time.

    It's time to get into bed now, either here or there, your choice.

Jeremiah slowly and carefully rises, removes his shoes, lifts the corner of the comforter and slides in.

Last updated 4/28/07 -- Added everything after the first two sentences. (Adapted from Travels Far Saga 6/1/07. Formerly Leanna's line.) 3/20/09 from "thoroughly" to end.

This is probably extraneous by now. With the addition of the plot twist that has 18 people (including Jeremiah and OBIE) kidnapped and held hostage for days in the pitch dark on minimal food, removing five nubile young women, whose horrid screams haunt the survivors even after their rescue, they are used to sleeping “with” each other, entwined in a large circle... One’s head on the next one’s belly.

Word Count: 212
Tags: patm

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