pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Lice Vs. Ice: Byfocal Blunders on the Rampage

Mom takes my admonition to IGNORE SPELLING AND WRITE TO US ANYWAY as real, and generally, we treat her errors kindly, but sometimes, Oh, sometimes, the temptation is JUST TOO GOOD TO PASS UP...

Take, for instance, her classic title from a Jan. 17 email: We did not get the iice on the bridges.--good.

Since she lives just blocks from the Gulf of Mexico, I agree whole-heartedly: GOOD. But when I first glanced at it, I had my glasses OFF.

Reading WITHOUT my glasses, I came up with "We did not get the LICE on the bridges.-- Good.

Now, the bridge I remember didn't survive the hurricane, but in my imagination, it did... so, I emailed back: I have to tell you, though, I THINK those pesky things live on HUMAN BLOOD, and other animal's blood. Now, I KNOW that ol' hurricane did a lot of damage, but surely they've cleaned up better than that by now???

I cc'd my sister the ANSWER LADY and another aunt or two... everyone enjoys a good laugh, right? Historically, when mom leaves me in her spelling/word omission dust, THE ANSWER LADY understands the communication PERFECTLY! How does she DO that?

She did it again with this headline, according to HER response: It gets better! When I read this without MY glasses I read, "We did not get the ice on the bridges." Good! (See what I mean? 100% instant comprehension of Mom's message.)

She continues: So, did Pandemo get her car out of her driveway's tenacious snow drift??? Now that there's no ice on the bridges, she may be able to get to school without risking her life....

Then I put on my glasses and started laughing at the visual of millions of lice on the bridge hopping up and down with little balloons above them saying, "Here comes a dog! Here doggy!!" I made myself stop when I began to wonder what kept the lice on the bridge, The Three Billy Goats Gruff???

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