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Last weekend, we got a "real" snow. All northern dwellers have experienced snow like this -- big, moist flakes that fluff up to unbelievable depths in 30 minutes or less...

Last Friday, I came home just in time to wade through 2" worth that hit in just over a half hour. I swept the walkway and the car every hour or two until I went to bed all day Saturday. At least there was NO wind. By Monday, I had both the car and the truck cleaned off, facing down hill.

I walked part way down the hill, never getting over the tops of my shoes, so I decided the car could make it. Off I went, but on the lower part of the drive, we DRUG BOTTOM. Oops! That's like standing in the only dry place as it pours all around you... evidently the hilltop clouds were a bit more unproductive that those above the bottom of the hill.

When I got done Monday, it was 6-8" deep, depending on the source of the news. I was thinking about leaving the car at the bottom of the hill and walking up, but as I got the mail, I got stuck. When I made it back to the road, I decided to pull into the drive, back up a bit so I was facing out, but I got stuck with about 25% of the car ON THE ROAD.

Poor visibility, poor traction, AND an unexpected obstacle is just tempting fate a bit too much, so I shoveled and wiggled, rocked and shifted until I was totally back on the road. The entire 10-15 minute job, not a single car passed!

Using the master tracks laid by the mailman when he turned around in the drive, I lined myself up the the hill and took as much of a running start as space and conditions allowed. We spun and spurted nearly, ah, nearly to the top of the hill, ending up sideways to the drive a bit, just enough to be SURE another vehicle could NOT enter the drive.

The drag bottom marks ran along three fourths of the hill... the lower part. After digging to soreness, I gave up and came inside to answer emails and go to bed... The little car would still be waiting for my TLC in the morning. :-(

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