pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

The Saga of the Cinnamon Roll, a Continuation

The secretaries, aides and some of the female teachers avoid the noise level and "stuff it" culture of the main lunchroom by eating at two banquet style folding tables in the Teacher's Work Room, which frequently has brought-from-home goodies with cute little sticky notes saying things like "Eat Me", or "Take Me; I'm FREE", or "One good bite deserves another"... (I have NO IDEA how they decide what is TOO SUGGESTIVE. NOBODY tells ribald jokes, much less BLUE ones down there at lunch, so the notes are a real revelation, and quite a surprise, as although *I* may not know who provided the various things, THEY all do.)

But I digress. Tonight when I went down to pick up a sheet from the colored printer, THERE WAS A CAFETERIA TRAY with the extra wide aluminum foil wrap lifted. One third of the OUTER RING of one of those cinnamon rolls was sitting there, totally exposed. It had been three hours since lunch, but I snatched it up anyway and walked out eating it -- right into the superintendent.

(Great Juxtapositions is another one of my talents.)

I'd just been down to his office and talked the business manager into an out-of-cycle expenditure of less than $10 for clear plastic holders with three ring binder holes off to the side that he'd okayed by voice from his office, so I showed him the colored creation I was going to put in the holders (once my mouth was empty, of course.)

I have NO excuse. The lovely aroma that permeated the entire building the day they were fresh was only a figment of our collective memories; I'd finally lost that last half pound to be at a target I set the first day of the new school year (it's official -- right BEFORE I ate that partial outer layer of cinnamon bun, I'd weighed in at 15 pounds less than I'd started the school year -- even though I still can't tell it on my clothes! ;-(

I guess the DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! The silly thing hadn't even had the good grace to DRY OUT on the exposed surfaces in the hours since lunch!

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