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I have a Mac G4 tower running 10.3 with a Lacie DVD-RAM double sided 5.2 GB disk stuck in the drive. The computer is old enough that the keyboard does not have a dedicated EJECT button.

The disk is not mounting. When the computer is shut off, the drive door is not opening when I press the button that normally opens it. To eject, I normally drag the disK icon to the trash.

How do I eject the disk when there is NO ICON?

ohhjuliet wrote: There should be a little pinhole size hole somewhere on the front of the drive. Unbend a paperclip and stick one end in the hole. It should pop the drive right open.

doctorrobotnik wrote: Not sure if i'm reading this right, but it's in an optical drive, not a floppy/zip drive? if so, reset the computer and hold down the mouse button until it starts up. that always works for me.

arcturax wrote: Panic hole might help, it's a hole on the drive itself ( might have to open up the computer and remove the drive to get to it) which you shove a paper clip into to pop out the disk manually. I would try the mouse thing mentioned above first though...

Man I had forgot about that too. That trick saved my life once o.o

handyman5 wrote: Start the computer while holding down the keys Command, Option, O, and F (for Open Firmware). You will eventually get a white screen with black writing and a prompt. Type "eject cd", and that should kick out the tray; then type "shut-down" and that will turn the computer off to be booted normally.

vxo wrote: Hold the mouse button while rebooting. That should kick the disc out.

Or, if you don't wanna reboot, go into Disk Utility, choose the optical drive, and hit Eject. That should spit the disc even without it having mounted properly.

If that doesn't work, try the Open Firmware method... finally, try the paperclip.

pandemo wrote: Ah, a hierarchy. Cool.

frijole wrote: Holding F12 also acts as a substitute eject key if your keyboard doesn't have one.

Also, holding down the mouse button while the machine boots works too.

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