pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Winter Clipping Story -- Raven

When my cousin and I bought a horse from the Puget Sound region in WA right before the end of the year (86?), we said, "DO NOT CLIP HIM." But, show barns have clipping-up-to-send-out embedded in the brain. He got the INSIDES of his ears trimmed, his chin hairs, the whole schmear. (They V'ed his neck, and did not BODY CLIP him, thinking they were doing as we wished.)

AARGG! My cousin lives in the WY shadows of the Rockies, and had NO stable, just a three-sided shed. The way the shipping worked out, he came out with a load of Thoroughbreds to be bred in Kentucky... in January. His wife took one look at his finely tipped, hairless ears, and knitted him wool "mittens" for them, which were tied on with knitted, rolled, ties under his jaw. He kept his ear tips... Other years, once he'd been here a while, he never needed "help" again. Of course, he never got more than a bridle path except in SUMMER SHOW SEASON, and was given plenty enough time to hair up for fall.
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