pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Guardian Angel a Gas

So, I had a conversation shortly after work, when it is LEGAL for everyone to follow the buses out, with the boss. "Do you still want printed lesson plans?"

"Yes. We're using them to track trends."

"To me, it's not worth the time it takes. Two weeks in a row, in an hour and a half, the grade program could not manage to create paper copies."

By 10 pm, true to form, it had locked up my entire grade program three times. The first two times, restarting resulted in the production of two more classes. The third time, it would not clear. I wrote the principal a note, put it with the lesson plans I could get to print, told him what was missing and why, and called it a night.

I turned the car on, then took the window scraper back to attempt to free the gas cap door, which was still not free and clear, although it did NOT still have a 1/2" accumulation on it.

While I was fighting with it, the superintendent and his wife drove up, shining his headlights on the gas cap door. He worked on it from the outside while I played with the inside lever. When he freed it, I left it open as I drove to the gas station.

Sure enough, gas had jumped to $2.19. Slightly over half a tank was nearly $20.00. This morning, it would have been cheaper, but had I fought that long with the gas tank door, I'd have been late to work. The ice would also have been thicker, and without the second pair of hands to work it while I held the release up, I don't think I would have been successful.

Now I am wondering if he was just driving by, or if some good Samaritan saw me out there working on it and called him to check out the "strange doings" at the school. Whichever is the case, I am grateful.

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