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Lost Over Thanksgiving; Yet Another Visitor Greets the Welcome Wagon Hostess Up Front and Personal

Well, IK showed up a day earlier than planned. Although I did not stay long at work, she got to my house before I did. She brought a Thanksgiving meal of 1/2" slabs of prime rib, baked potatoes, and I did a salad... lettuce, sunflower seeds, chopped celery, some of the last of my super sweet home-grown grape tomatoes, thin baby carrots, cucumbers, and radishes. She turned out not to like tomatoes or celery, so some of us had MORE of a tossed salad than others...

The next morning, I'd forgotten to turn the alarm off, so no sleeping in late, even though I'd kept her up a few hours past her bed time. We went out and got the horses into the lower area, then I caught Fleur and Pride (her first choice, but she failed the vet exam -- SHE'S pg. (to her 3/4 brother, no less...) with ONE halter and lead rope. I figured they'd load each other if both were up there. We put IK's brand new halter on Fleur and I used mine on Pride.

Of course, Fleur would not switch her allegiance to IK, so she would not get into the high, wide, low to the ground, only two or three months old trailer. It was embarrassing. She's hauled before, and definitely in something much tighter, higher off the ground, and with less head room, but that's how things go.

I took Fleur and gave IK Pride, then got into the trailer, Soon, Fleur followed me in. I had IK drop Pride's halter rope and close the door behind Fleur, and nearly close the one behind me. Eventually, Fleur settled down, so IK traded places with me.

I caught Pride and put her back out into the pasture before she decided to eat her way down the driveway, but she'd really not gone ten feet from where she'd started.

IK came out after Fleur settled down, looked at her watch (she wanted to leave by 9) and announced it was 10 after, so she was going to take off promptly.

I went inside, trying not to cry. Glancing at the clock, I saw that it was just then 8 am. We were up and about a full hour earlier than she'd expected. By 2, she was home.

I canceled my 11 am lunch invite, as I was still too teary to travel with company, but by 3, when three visitors showed up to see the horses, I was fine, and went over to J and NW's for the evening meal. I'm sure I'd have gained weight if I'd eaten them BOTH after stuffing myself on prime rib, then eating the rest for breakfast...

J came down Sat. and we horsed around. I cooked MY turkey I was going to do Friday, but it was still too frozen. I put it in at noon, and we chowed down by 7 with all the trimmings except SWEET POTATOES which contain arsenic or some such poison the body can't shed. Whatever it is supposedly killed Daniel Boone or Davie Crockett after an eating binge, and J flatly refused to try it. (And here I though DC died in the Alamo fighting Santa Anna. A MUCH more romantic fate.)

After getting off work Sun. and going to a really nasty meeting, he called to check up on me and dump his frustrations over the way the meeting turned out. I finally had to cut him off after two and a half hours, as I was planning to come on into school and enter lesson plans. BOY, am I ever glad I did not! I came in at 7 (a full hour early) Monday, and wanted to enter the big wad of stuff I graded between phone calls and bouts of company. The program needed to print 12 sheets of paper so I could hand in the lesson plans, instead of just looking at them on line. THAT TOOK UNTIL NOON. I was here until 1 am entering the stuff for both days, doing the D and F list, and getting it to show up in the business office... :-( I really griped at my boss about THAT. We HAVE to put the stuff on line for easy parental access, but the time that program eats for the most simple actions any other program would do in minutes is a terrible burden. If I'd spent all day fighting it Sunday, I would have been really ticked off. (and I'm getting less and less willing to forgive and forget as the year goes on.)

It did serve the purpose of keeping me from dwelling on Fleur's absence. IK called and gave a very upbeat report. She had NO adjustment problems at all. Of course, she already KNEW all those horses, and her place in the herd. IK has already taught her to be a cookie monster. J rescued some stale vanilla wafers and fed them to Leche right before he took her riding, then again when he brought her back. She's now addicted, as well, but is less fussy. Canta would only LICK the icing (yes, IK bought two packs of ICED OATMEAL cookies to feed to the horses...) off the ones IK and I gave the herd Wednesday afternoon. We went out in shirt sleeves and horsed around until dark. I had to laugh. I kept dumping delicious smelling scraps into the pan I keep by the door for the outdoor cats. The porch light blew up the last time I used it in the rain, when the wind wafted water through the venting slits, causing the bulb to explode. I have trouble getting at it, so it was still out. IK had stuff in her arms to take out to the car when I called to her to wait. I went for the flash light, and as she turned, sure enough, my friendly black welcome wagon with the racing stripe was about three feet away, facing right toward her, ready to steal any goodies before the cats could nab them...

I laughed and said I guessed we didn't need the flashlight. Miss Striped Kitty left, but IK decided to load the car the next morning in daylight. When I started extolling the praises of the Welcome Wagon's Special Perfume, a gift pack that although SMALL,lasted for WEEKS, I thought I might have created a permanent house guest...

Intellectually, I know IK is a super home for Fleur 'dPandemonium, Debe Ser Pandemonium, Pandemonium Lucretia, and Pandemonium Arpeggio, but... I still miss them.

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