pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Geldings Sale Close

Boy, do I ever need this to happen!

The trainer, who went off in Oct. to the Arabian Horse National Championships in Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance, wrote to me:

The Championships went great. I won the 100 mile National Championship. The geldings are doing very well, and I am working on closing the deal to sell 2 of them.

Talk to you soon.


Before this, as they set out to attend, he said, "My horse is unbeatable." He was obviously NOT whistling "Dixie", as the saying goes.

Well, I lied. I went back and looked it up. Here's what he REALLY said, "We leave next Tuesday for the Endurance National Championships. We have two horses qualified, and if I have a good run, nobody can beat my horse right now."


As "they" say, "No brag; just fact."

I requested photos when he took them off for training, and now am hoping for some mounted shots to be able to post. I *LOVE* bragging! (As bad as a mother with her kids, no?)

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